Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness


The Office of Institutional Effectiveness advances institutional quality by facilitating effective 评估 processes and providing University stakeholders with accurate and reliable information for evidence-based planning decisions.  

In order to achieve its mission, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness
  • 提供了明确的, 简洁的, and accurate information to stakeholders for the purpose of responsible, evidence-based decision-making.
  • Maintains the institution’s compliance with specific requirements established by federal and 状态 agencies, professional organizations, and accrediting bodies. 
  • Creates a practical financial model for new program development and other strategic initiatives as outlined in the 战略计划, 学术计划, and the enrollment plan.
  • Facilitates effective 评估 processes in academic, 课外学习, and administrative departments that promote continuous improvement at the University. 
  • Monitors the implementation of the 战略计划 and communicates progress and status updates. 
信息 & 数据源
To facilitate effective planning and decision-making and ensure compliance with federal, 状态, and accrediting agencies, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness provides Trustees, 政府, 教师, 工作人员, and student with the following data and information sources:

  • The Utica College Factbook
  • 通用数据集
  • Institutional Surveys
  • IPEDs数据中心
  • 保留 & 完成数据
  • 收入 and Enrollment Data & 趋势
  • 收入 & 注册数据
  • 认证 Data and Support
  • 学术的投资组合
  • Financial Projections and proformas for new program development
  • 预算发展 & Variance Review Support
Much of the data is available from Institutional 研究 或者可以在 institutional surveys.  To request additional or more specific data for accreditation, 项目评审, 评估, 和规划, 完成 资料要求表格 然后发邮件到


安E. 达, Senior Associate Provost
Kristin Fleet Haag, CPA, Assistant Vice President for Financial Planning & 分析
Carol Bates, Academic Financial Analyst  

Guide to Institutional Effectiveness 
利记sbo's Institutional Effectiveness Rubric

Institutional effectiveness and continuous improvement are monitored by the Institutional Effectiveness Committee 通过 战略计划. 


安E. 达

安E. 达

Senior Associate Provost
201 DePerno Hall
(315) 223-2568

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